Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sex work 201 + sex positive position statement workshop

AIDS Committee of Ottawa
251 Bank street
Ottawa, ON

We, members of PCCO, would like to make loud and clear our feminist support for our sisters and brothers who engage in sex work. As many of you are aware, on September 28th, the Ontario Superior Court struck down three Criminal Code provisions that marginalized and victimized sex trade workers. We applaud this move.

We're quite pissed off by all the sex negativity going around following the Bedford ruling. While certain organisations would like to think that they can speak for all feminists, we would rather speak for ourselves. And we encourage other activists groups to do the same.

On Friday Dec 3rd we will take part in a sex work 201 workshop, with the intention of creating an informed and genuine sex positive position statement.

This will be a 3 hour gathering, with the first 2 hours dedicated to the workshop and the 3rd to a discussion. PCCO already has a draft to work from. We encourage other organisations to do the same.