Thursday, September 17, 2009

40 Days for "Life" is coming back to Ottawa! We need your help!!!

Starting September 23rd and going to November 1st, "40 days for 'Life'" will be praying, fasting, holding anti-choice signs & "counselling" outside the Bank Street women's health clinic.

According to Joyce Arthur, "40 Days for Life", "interfere(s) with women accessing services, especially at such a vulnerable time when women need privacy. Laws and court injunctions in other jurisdictions have recognized this. Further, patients’ stress and fear caused by protesters increase the risk of surgical complications, and picketers outside clinics increase the risk of violence or vandalism against clinics."

The aim of "40 Days for Life" is to shame, intimidate, bully, harass and upset women going into the clinic!

We need you!! We need your Pro-Choice friends.

Invite your friends to the PCCO facebook group. Forward a link to our blog.

Send us your email address so we can contact you when organizing pro-choice activities in response to "40 Days for Life".

~Trust Women~

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